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RED LEBANESE HASH $280 OZ, $150 1/2 OZ, $80 1/4

RED LEBANESE HASH $280 OZ, $150 1/2 OZ, $80 1/4

Red Lebanese Hash

Internationally, Lebanon has been known for its quality Hash for as long as Hash has been a “thing”. What makes Lebanese Hash different from other hash variations is the way it is cultivated and then allowed to aged over one or two whole seasons (4-8 months).

This aging, or curing process allows Lebanese Hash to develop very strong spicy and woody notes, along with a smooth flavour.

The red in Red Lebanese hash comes from the natural drying and curing process of the raw cannabis plant – cultivators leave the plants on the field until they're just about ready, and during this process they acquire a unique red tint from sunlight, and its' own natural pistils which give off a orange-reddish colour.

    C$300.00 Regular Price
    C$280.00Sale Price
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